Shattering the confines of space.

“There is a knowing,

it is not conveyed through words so it’s not perceived by mind.

A whisper, a hint of suggestion flows through a receptive heart

and the knowing is known with no explanation needed.

It’s the coming together of that which perceives and doesn’t need to know,

and that which knows and doesn’t need to perceive.

When that happen

mouthfuls are spoken through silence.”  -mcaimbeul


Stages of a Bong-Doodle.

1. spontaneous squiggle.
2. a little color fill in.
3. facial expression. Tricky part because this has to be done quickly and spontaneously.
4. some added color shapes. Tricky part, when to stop and leave well enough alone. This is a little too light for me but I don’t like editing a quick 60 second doodle, robs the joy.