Living in ease.

This is our hermitage, hermits rest. I built it in 1997 up in the wilderness mountains of n.w. Arizona because I feel that experiential spirituality is more about where you place yourself than theological beliefs.

In 2013 Lori mysteriously arrived. She literally just showed up one day and said “you’re living my dream.” She’s a wizard of wisdom, a very rare find, particularly when you live in the middle of 22,500 square miles of wilderness where there isn’t a lot of social traffic; so I married her!

Lifestyles are a choice for the most part. You simply just have to take the plunge through the fear of ‘un-known’ into serendipitous happenstance and everything you need will arrive.

Merry Meet Again

7 thoughts on “Living in ease.

  1. My heart dances dear brother Mike (alias bro) I hear your voice beyond the words sharing and shinning the vision that comes with the world around you. I give thanks that I have not let the world encumber me that I may have the eyes to see the essence and the ears to hear the deeper teachings which are buried within and twisted among your writings like roots from the old oak tree they will be there forever. Carry on “Living in ease” and may our spirirs always soar among the Highest of highs and the Lowest of lows my dear brother in blood and spirit and thank you and Lon for allowing me to “Hide and watch”


  2. Excellent, happiness is a state of being within ones own self. I do hope that the two of you are still both happy and healthy. I am going to go ahead and reblog this article for you Sir, hopefully in doing so it will help lead a few more readers your direction.

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