Blogging Unrestricted 

I blog for fun. I enjoy messing with layouts, which can be frustrating at times, but when you finally create something that’s reasonably ascetic it’s great. I don’t restrict my blogging by being concerned with SEO protocols or viewership stats. I don’t go through the tedious process of generating traffic. I’d rather leave it to happenstance. Case in point is my blogs name- bongdoogle, not very descriptive. Even I don’t know what the word means, it just came to me one day and I liked it primarily because of its lack of pretense. How can you take something called bongdoogle seriously.

It’s the same with my posts, they’re just mostly about mysticism and wilderness living but I’ll write about anything. While a blog is supposed to stay on topic I’d rather my writing wander like an un-tethered camel.
There are 152 million blogs out there, granted many have been orphaned by disappointing expectations. So if you love to write write and blogging is a great medium for it. If you abandon any expectations and embrace the fun you can’t lose. And if someone wanders by and takes the time to leave a comment consider it a gift of happenstance and let them know you appreciate it.

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