Doodling Decades-the 50’s

Humanities transformations take place in the Zen of a time continuum that can’t be known, only seen.

It was a time when kids could run free, it only took one adult in a household to provide a comfortable living, schools were able to actually teach you something, women were treated respectfully based on their gender, politicians kept their personal opinions to themselves and did their job, you could find a file in a filing cabinet in less than a minute, People weren’t politically correct-they were polite and had time to eat and sleep, T.V. was free, you could breathe the air and drink the water, most business transactions could be done with a verbal promise and hand shake, you bought things because they really worked and lasted for years, tramps didn’t ask you for money or food-they asked you for work and the preferred drug was Red Mountain wine or Lucky Lager beer.


Oh it wasn’t all roses, no time is, and some things in life were harder but the living it was easier.





2 thoughts on “Doodling Decades-the 50’s

  1. Every period in time has had its joys and sorrows. Sad to say, not all people everywhere across our nation and beyond our borders have enjoyed the same freedoms and comfort. I believe that what’s happening today in the USA is an equalization of shared misery nationwide and worldwide.

    Read today that the world’s top elite now hold US$7 trillion.


    1. Indeed. We will see the time when first world nations will slide down and third world nations will move up, as you say the equalization. I like that. But the elite are quickly becoming an economy unto themselves. There won’t be any real ‘Nations’ only them. There shadow looms large.


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