7 thoughts on “Image Trilogy #2

    1. They vary in size but the largest ones are around 8×10 because my plan was to possibly make prints, but I’m not set up yet, Do you have prints? Any recomendation on best photo printer for windows 10 and photo paper? I think I could sent you an email of Desert sunset sunrise and would be happy to share it with you. mike


      1. What medium is the art work, as they look like water color or is they done on the computer?
        Any printer that says it is a photo quality should work for prints up to 8×10. But look for a printer that uses multi ink containers, the more the better.
        Any that meet the multi ink containers should work with your system but if your computer is older than 2-3 years may not be compatible with the newer printers.
        Since may computer is an hp, I use an hp printer but it is an all in one, but I’m looking into a photo only printer to improve the quality of my prints.
        Hope this helps a bit.

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      2. Great info buddy, thanks. I started out with oils, ink and water color. Scanning them then posting from the scan. Lately I’ve discoverd painting apps on a tablet, very enjoyable but finding the right app can be tricky. The old fashion way is easier in many ways but for a blog the tablet is beter suited and I no longer have a bulging portfolio. I don’t use many preprogramed feature and stick with the traditional brushes, pen and pencil. Biggest down fall is inability to get the precision. Might switch to a graphics tablet/computer. I’m looking into the printers you recommended. I also post my work on a site called Deviantart.com which has a great gallery display, is artist specific (has a lot of photographers) and is set up to sell prints. Not sure I’m interested in that, content with just blogging and display. I believe anyone can copy the work and download which is fine by me. Thanks for the help, much appreciated, mike.


      3. im familiar with DA. you have a unique style. i have sold several of my photos over the years and have had several published.and im sure i have had several “stolen” from my sites over the years. i have had people ask if they could copy a photo and all i ask of them is to give me the byline. lol

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