4 thoughts on “Abstraction 5.

  1. Man hangs from a ledge over a chasm (top left). Watch out! Inequality will topple the earth (seesaw on top right) where pendulums are on a collision course (lower right). Meanwhile, we bask in the sunshine on the beach (forefront).

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      1. I don’t agree that my interpretations are better than the painting. You challenge viewers to see beyond the lines, shapes, and colors of your compositions. Growing inequality is destroying our democracy, economy, and our lives. Whether or not it was intentional (our subconscious mind can manifest itself in unexpected ways), the seesaw perched at the edge of what could be interpreted as a building (the gray rectangle dominating center stage) sets the tone for the entire work.

        There’s a lot more going on in your piece. I leave that for other viewers to discover.

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