Words and Image.

I just received an e-mail from wordpress, I’ve been blogging for nine years. In that period of time I’ve had about six different blogs. Some of you know how it goes. You get enthused about a subject that winds up either running out of steam or it takes a radical turn into something else and you feel compelled to start another blog.

At this point in my life I seem to be finally letting go of taking it too seriously. That began with the nonsensical name ‘bongdoogle.’ It’s completely dysunctional because it’s nondescript but that’s what I liked about it. It was fun to say and lacked meaning.

Then I fell into my old trap of academic philosophy which is okay but there are a lot better scholars and writers out there than me. So I started doing sub-par cartoons, the humor was there but the drawings were tedious and terrible. No fun.

I also found myself becoming tired of using words, I’d rather read someone else. So I let this blog wander like an untethered camel, and enjoy the freedom to express myself through words and a variety of image styles.

In my old age I’m no longer seeking a rhyme to the reason, I’m spending my time frolicking in spontaneous whimsy.

panhandling an alien


10 thoughts on “Words and Image.

  1. Congrats on the 9 years.

    I’ve had a few logs myself. I like to start and end projects. Though the Little Fears has tales written until 2023’ish and I’m still writing, so its got a long way to an ending to go heh.

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  2. Well your story certainly sounds familiar. I’m working on blog number four. The first one had a long run and I occasionally look back at it.
    The second had the purpose of being political commentary. The upside is that I had to keep up closely with issues of the day. That was also the downside. It only took a few months before a combination of anger and depression and the realization that there were many more competent pundits and many, many, more incompetent ones who get paid for commenting on politics that compelled me to pull the plug on that one.
    Number 3 had an even shorter shelf life and I kept getting side tracked into politics.
    With all three I found that work got in the way so I did the natural thing – I quit work. Retired actually.
    With more time and a vow to stay away from politics I’m enjoying this much more.
    I suspect that our experience is shared by many others in different but similar forms.

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    1. Indeed Paul, I retired from medical engineering when I was 48 and have been a wildernesses hermit for the last 21 years. I started Bongdoogle with social, lifestyle and spiritual commentary in mind and have ended up limiting it to mostly doodling. Much more enjoyable!


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