iPAD PRO 10.5 Tablet-Built with the potential to self destruct.

Every now and then I will use this blog to review the self-professed technological wonders that companies are producing.

Today APPLE wins the Bongdoogle Award for producing a very expensive tablet, that when IT deems you’re a thief trying to break into your own device by not getting the pass code right a few times (or even when you do) it disables itself…Permently. That’s right, a $779.00 dollar device that says “You can’t play with me anymore.” Actually it say, “iPad disabled Connect to i-Tunes.”

Not a problem, I spent $99.00 for Apple Care- Priority phone support. Which means you only have to listen to bad rap music for 15 to 20 minutes until you get a technician that knows less about the product than you do. But hey, it’s 10:30 p.m. EST and the trainees want to go home at 11 p.m. I call back the next day…three times. By now I know the words to ‘It’s 11:30 and I just want to love you.”

After trying Everything recommended for “Security Lock-out” to no avail I packed the thing up and I’m returning it under the 14 day, “If you’re not thrilled return for a refund.” Google’s Android and Microsoft’s windows give you workable options to resolve shut down issues via the device. They don’t send you to a host of websites where you have to log in to each one even though you’re already logged in to your Apple account. After signing in to iTunes, iCloud and spending hours to find the right links for a restore and wasting 2.8 GB of data and 3 hours of down load time, the process ended in “Restore failed.”

When I mentioned this to a few people, several said they had the same problem with their iPhones and tablets, with the exact restore fix results. As a retired engineer this sounds like another Apple software defect that they refuse to acknowledge, they’re notorious for this, remember the antenna issue on the iPhone?

A multi-billion dollar company that couldn’t care less that they’ve produced a very expensive product that can self-destruct under the guise of “Security for your protection” and leave you with a $800.00 paper weight.

When will this ridiculous Apple infatuation end?

When will we demand that technology companies quit selling their products before they are ready and leave it to the consumer to do their quality control for them while they become some of the wealthiest corporations the world has ever seen.

I realise there are millions of happy iPad and iPhone users but to produce a product that has the potential to rip off even just a few people is unacceptable.

I’ll stay with my $130.00 Kindle Fire HD. No pass codes or finger print scanner. You just turn it on a go to work.