9 thoughts on “Doodling Bongdoogles 61.

    1. I do these very quick and spontaneous and see where they go. That one turned out to have a bit of mystery overshadowing it which isn’t something I often portray. I liked the mystrey, lines and texture of the larger image so left it not aware of the crying impression. I don’t care for sad, grim or gruesome as a rule. Good observation Sha’Tara.


    1. First off I truly appreciate seeing you go through so many of my posts. I have a great deal of respect for your wordsmithing skills so it means a lot to me. Now No.61, I had to go back and look at, well you nailed it 😊 my friend. Thanks for your interest.

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      1. You’re very welcome I really enjoy your work it’s so creative and imaginative it kind of gets my brain going here and there thinking about either pieces that I’ve read like Shakespeare who I love or just jotting down my own notes for future things that I might write their very inspiring and I appreciate you sharing them with the world thank you


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