9 thoughts on “Doodling bongdoogle 87.

  1. I see refugees worried about the outcome of their forced march… and the nature watchers is wonderful, even if you cheated with the butterfly and the flower petals… 🙂 If I’m wrong about that, well come on over and rap my typing fingers with a ruler! I’m enjoying all your drawings, even if I don’t always know what, or how, to comment on them, they are open to infinite interpretations.

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  2. I like Sha’Tara’s interpretation of the “Travelers.” With their bodies bent forward against the wind, I saw our complex and insecure lives as we move forward into an uncertain future.

    What I especially love is that the couple has made the decision to face whatever lies ahead as One. Love, too, the red dots on the woman’s big toes. They not only draw the eyes of the viewer to the bottom of the canvas, but they also suggest the power of the female in the joint endeavor. Well done, Master of the Bongdoogle!

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