10 thoughts on “Doodling Bongdoogle 162.

  1. 44: Yeah well, I’m sittin’ here coagulating a whole slough of ideas, if only you could see what’s going on in my head!
    45: Do you suppose we should quit smoking? Switch to pot, maybe? Just thinkin’, let’s not be hasty.

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      1. Y’re welcome. I used to have some sketchbooks of doodles… just pencil… surprising how stuff can suggest itself from mere random scribbles… but Leonardo and many other artists, well, probably all artists, are aware of this peculiar and interesting power… not so long ago I was looking at the work of Alexander Cozens, his so-called “blot” method… and of course the surrealists, people like Andre Masson were well into this mode of expression which is comparable to automatic writing…

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