6 thoughts on “Doodling Bongdoogle 167.

    1. Just came back for a second look and saw all kinds of new things but no elephant. The face and lips the sweet feeling of surprise. The second one, Kite Flyer is wonderful. I didn’t spend enough time with them the first time. Hope you think about making a book.

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    1. I thank you so much Rosaliene. I’m finally moving in the direction I wanted, having found several techniques that offer lots of variation. I sold a small print to a great lady in Texas for a very good price and the process went well. Regarding your book the big three publishers are not judges of talent only marketing potential. There will more independent self publishers in the future. And I not only see your books in print but your a natural at well written and documented magazine articles. You’re a brilliant writer, don’t change.

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  1. I’m happy that you’ve found the direction you want for your artwork. I’m currently working on taking a new direction in my own writing.

    Thanks for your kind and supportive comments about my writing. We writers thrive on positive feedback 🙂 It’s unfortunate that the market determines what’s best for us to read. So many excellent books never get the chance to reach readers.

    I would love to have you design the cover of my second novel, The Twisted Circle, which I plan to self-publish later this year. Let me know of your interest and I’ll contact you by e-mail with details of the project.

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