13 thoughts on “The inner workings of outward appearances

  1. A very complex vision – a city somewhen in some sci-fi world. Top RH, a woman leans out an open window, sewing a sheet… bottom RH, a partial view of a giant entity’s face, pondering the city…

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    1. Thanks Elaine, I decided to work with flat shapes, texture and colors. While I enjoy the doodling I really like working with this style. The title came from an essay I once wrote regarding the divine presence.

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      1. I think 🤔 your right. It’s interesting how one begins with an idea and it transforms into something entirely different. I’ll give some thought to posting the essay but I’ll have to find it, over the years I’ve discarded reams of my writing.

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    1. Underwater Acropolis is very apparent to me, it’s the first thing I saw in the lower left before your comment. I see that along with planetary shapes, Thanks Buddy.


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