5 thoughts on “Doodling Bongdoogle 273.

  1. I have a feeling it’s true and the cleaning people don’t mention the things they find on the floor in the morning after the parties because no one will believe them and think they are crazy. Once your mind is made up, that something isn’t real, then it won’t be. But…if you believe in magic…then magic exists. Art has a heart and we can make it real by looking at it and interacting with with. We get each other life. Art is life after all, and life is art, so there’s really to difference between us, no separation. Who knows what is alive and what is not? Maybe we just don’t recognize life in other forms. What if the painting are watching and looking at us?

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    1. I agree, why limit yourself by not considering all possibilities. Your interaction with art brings it life which expands the view and allows the viewer to share in the creative process as much as the artist.


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