12 thoughts on “Doodling Bongdoogle 277.

  1. So much intricate work in this, and as Elaine says, it’s got “everything.” In fact, it’s like reading a novel in lines, shapes and colours, beginning with the moon in the top left corner, down to the hand and “thumbs up” in the lower right. If the canvas is studied without interruptions, it works on the mind, draws out feelings with, for me, a sense of friendly “alienation”. I’m glad I took the time to study it. I’ll say it’s amazing.

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  2. I looked at this one for a very long time. It looks as if it’s a night break-in, by a person standing in the light of his flashlight, in a museum where the painting of the last living flower is kept. He’s starving for beauty where beauty no longer exists. And the drone above his head, is watching his every move but he doesn’t care, because seeing the flower is the only thing that matters. He believes that without beauty, there is no life. Deeply profound work, my friend. At least that’s what I see.

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