16 thoughts on “Doodling Bongdoogle 279.

  1. I’m going out and taking Eggzo for her walk.
    Go ahead, I’m contemplating my weird anatomy.
    Not again!
    Sorry, can’t help it, I’m depressed…


      1. No, I don’t have a typical store. I use a quality printer in Texas that I download an image to and their site has options for various items (they used to only do prints.) What we can do Jen is I’ll send them any images you’d like to see and then give you the link to my gallery.

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  2. I read the book. How he could live with all that constant disappointment, frustration, and never ending self doubt and beginning again and again. Repetition beyond belief. I realize that was his method. That’s what made him the artist he was but it was difficult just reading it, let alone imagining what it would be like to actually be around a person like that. Draining, comes to mind. What a small outer world, always looking for the opening, the next thing, He may have had vision, but his life actual life, his physical life, seemed small, as if he was trapped in a cycle of birth and death, and couldn’t get off the wheel. That’s just my opinion, of course, but even the book was repetitive, with him destroying and rebuilding, saying the same things again and again. Never right, never good enough, always looking to do the impossible. His way of working was exhausting to read about. He may have been happy, in his own way, but his life, seemed to be lived on an inner level that only he could access, or see. Short book but I had to stop myself from skipping pages, knowing what he was going to do and say and not wanting to read it again. I like him but see him as a prisoner of himself. I could, of course, be entirely wrong on all counts, since I’m seeing him through my own point of view and experiences but if I had to be around him I wouldn’t be able to just sit there and listen to that over and over again, even knowing that’s the way he processed his work. It would drive me insane. Morose, depressing and gray. I love that he would save the cat, however, and that is one huge reason to love him.

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    1. I read the book many many years ago and only focused on how he maintained a simple lifestyle which was an issue for me back then. Your assessment Gigi is spot on, after discussing Giacometti with you I watched an interview with him and he was sadly a self tormented artist. Never had much tolerance for that, unless you’re a masochist find something else to do. I apologize for the recommendation my friend.


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