7 thoughts on “Doodling Bongdoogle 329.

      1. You’ve made my day, m. While searching for the right word to express 329, “ambiguoids” serendipitously appeared in a thought-balloon. Thanks for this kind reply and for the ambiguoidal nature of your art.

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      2. Bill I used ambiguiods in post 330 and mentioned you with a link to your blog. I trust that’s O.K. because the word is a hit in the comments section, everyone agrees with me that it more appropriate than Bongdoogle. However it’s your word and if you’d prefer that I don’t use it I’ll certainly understand, mike

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  1. Hello mike, I couldn’t be more pleased. You have given my word wings and with those wings the freedom to fly wherever you wish. I am humbled to discover that it is making a splash in the comments section on 330. You have made my August august 🙂

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