9 thoughts on “Doodling Bongdoogle 346 with a commentary

  1. this offering makes me very sad i see American patriotism the kind that i see everyday in the streets of LA and when we have disasters and when we need to come together and at times more often than not i see the elected neglecting the needs of the people thus the soul of the nation

    blessed be those who take care of their human family through the belief of equal rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and who in their hearts and minds know that justice for all means justice for the human race regardless of race color creed religion beliefs education age or income size

    ive seen kindness from the least expected sources and wickedness from the sources who i thought would never have the heart to be selfish and evil

    thank you for such a painfully inspiring piece and of course i solely speak just for myself ❤ to all


  2. Every situation can indeed be changed by the way we view it, without darkness how can we experience the light without sadness how do we know what joy feels like. Every experience is another lesson. It’s better to stand tall believing that our lives are not to be endured but a beautiful blessing and more importantly we should never underestimate the power of thought. 😇❤️😇

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