Interesting WordPress experience

Yesterday I wasn’t able to post my image due to a “not enough room” message. That happens when you have used all of your particular plans storage.

So I went to my media library and discovered 4 GB’s of storage was taken up by 513 copies of one image that I have no idea how they got there. It was a long deletion process, I went from 6.23GB’s down to 2.4GB’s on my 6 GB storage plan.

Before you upgrade for more space check your media library 😁

20 thoughts on “Interesting WordPress experience

    1. Yes I do, my images are within the parameters, the image in question was uploaded into the media library successfully 512 times, just not by me😆. But that’s an excellent point Buddy size also effects your posts load time as you know.

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    1. Yeah at first it was taking 20 minuets to post one image and then it shut down. I was ready to just quit posting and use my instagram site which receives much more traffic, anywhere from 150-900 positive responses per post. But I really enjoy my interactions with my WordPress friends. 😎


    1. My pleasure Rosaliene. In all fairness to WordPress they allowed 24% more storage than the plans allowance before shutting it off. It was just a technical glitch but if I’d been notified specifically what the issue was it would have saved me a lot of time.

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