Fringe Dwellers

As a rule you’ll never see them nor meet them. They aren’t among the homeless on the streets because they don’t interact with society or need to depend on it.

They live in the deep forests, jungles, mountains, remote deserts and other wilderness areas where people never go because those places are deemed inhospitable, and they are except for the fringe dwellers who’ve managed to survive where most others couldn’t. Paved roads, public utilities and services don’t exist nor are they needed or wanted. They have traded conventional living’s conveniences for time amongst nature, they are only governed by weather. No time restrictions, stress or difficult social interactions, they have merged with nature where they have become part of a mystical experience in being. Unlike Thoreau’s Walden pond they don’t do it for a year and then write a book. They quietly stay for 40 or 60 years or more because that’s what it takes to experience the magic that comes with surrendering to the mystical winds.

There are many reasons that contribute to such a lifestyle from wretched abuse, physical and mental inability to a simple desire to experience life alone absent of the restrictions that accompany the presence of others or societies dictates. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a conventional life and there’s nothing wrong with being a fringe dweller the only thing that’s never made sense is the people living conventional lives and complaining rather than taking that first step into the unknown of change.

Snakes can go anywhere they want.

Some of the animals above could kill you but always remember, they can sense your intentions. If you welcome them they’ll welcome you.

16 thoughts on “Fringe Dwellers

  1. I love this so much. The animals are wonderful and beautiful. Huge spider. Gorgeous snake, but probably dangerous, right? The cat is truly amazing but then they all are. You live in a wonderful place and this was a wonderful array of photographs. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. I knew from reading your other pages that you lived like this. I admire you. I’ve reached an age where I’ve stopped complaining or worrying about things I don’t need to. The stillness must be wonderful around you. I’m finding it within me.

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    1. Thanks Jenn and you bring up a point I neglected to mention, we’ve found the same stillness regardless of lifestyle or location. It’s all a matter of preference and necessity, other than Lori who joined me late in life, I never had any family which provides for much latitude. I simply turned nature into family. 🙏

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  3. Mike, thanks for sharing a little more about your world on the fringe of society. A time is coming when the survivors of humanity’s self-inflicted wounds will have to adapt to life on the fringes of a civilization in collapse.

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      1. Yeah, like how to refill the propane tank! Outside fire on an oven made of rocks and a piece of steel plate will have to do, I guess! I’m not crazy about the tarantula or the snake but a good reminder that when fringe dwelling with nature, it demands respect. A beautiful place you have and if it has a good water supply, then you’re set.

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      2. Exactly Sha’. Tarantulas are actually very docile creatures and the 2 snakes are non venomous gopher snakes that have been regular seasonal visitors for a few years now. The only real potential danger in all of the photos is the javelina (wild pig like individuals) they can be very aggressive and they have long sharp canines to back them up if you threaten them. We’ve never had problems because we simply don’t threaten them.
        While we live simply and with the minimal we’re a far cry from being self sufficient.


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