I won’t abandon my friends.

While I’ve mentioned that I’m not enthused about posting images here I intend to keep my account and follow my friends posts. But I have no desire to financial support WordPress. I’m enjoying my new Squarespace website which has some great features that WordPress lacks: a designated Gallery, Blog, and Contact form for private communication. I use the gallery for more formal work that prints can be made from and having a great time posting quick loose ink drawing doodles on the blog. I’ve dropped “Bongdoogle” and refer to them as Pen Scratches” and have decided to occasionally post some of them for my loyal blogging friends.

30 thoughts on “I won’t abandon my friends.

      1. Hedy I found your site in google search but have not been able to load the page due to an unsecured site warning. I had a similar problem with Squarespace after I registered my domain. Squarespace has an added security feature in your settings, I checked both SSL and the box below it. The warning went away after a day or so and I’m able to load my site. Have you had any problems, I found the solution in their help section.

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  1. I can understand your reluctance to support WordPress. I’ve started to delete some very old photos from some of my older posts so that I can continue to post photos but I’ve also used another site for uploading my photos at no cost. It’s just not as easy or convenient, I’ll get back to you with the name. The support team at WordPress actually told me about it and how to use it.

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      1. The site is called imgbb and you can get there at ibb.co. After you sign in you can go to the upload page and click upload. It should take you to your photos. Click on the ones you want , press choose and it will bring you back to the side where your pictures will appear. Press the embed code ‘HTML full links and copy. Then return to your post and go to the HTML page of your post before you paste your photos. Then go back to the regular page voila your photos will appear. I know it sounds a bit complicated but it works.

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  2. I miss you very much. This is the only media I’m on. I must say that when I saw your beautiful picture I saw a beautiful woman entering a Jazz club in the 30s. That feeling washed over me immediately and there was definitely going to be a fun night to follow. So happy to see you. ❤

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