Blogging is tricky.

Thanks to the wonderful responses and suggestions I’ve received since my last two posts I’ve discovered that I be a fool to stop posting here. I’ve redesigned my Squarespace site as an image gallery with prints available. It will be an interesting experiment but lacks the blog/comment interactions which all bloggers enjoy.

I will resume posting my latest work here, if my images begin disappearing again we’ll enjoy what’s here for as long as it is. I rather like the impermanence.

Untitled 173

Pen Scratch #692

33 thoughts on “Blogging is tricky.

  1. The other thing I really like about is the built-in network. You can connect with people and gain a following pretty quickly here.

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  2. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy you have made me by returning. Thank you. Your art, therefore you, give a sense of humor, wit, elegance, simplicity, beauty, gallantry and depth that I love to see. I love your work and Im so happy you’re back. Really, when I look at the second picture…elegance.

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