18 thoughts on “Bongdoogle 718

      1. I’ve been thinking about your work. Especially the new things you’ve been doing and I think/feel that what you are doing is speaking to something inside of people, that has been overlooked. Something we all recognize, because there’s something in us that “sees” what your work is saying. So, when I look at your art, it seems familiar, and I feel as if I know it, in a way that I can’t really explain. As if it’s coming from somewhere else. It elicits emotion and I know what I’m looking at immediately, like happiness, dancing, joy, serenity. Big feelings and then the details show themselves and you’re looking at friends you’ve always known. Do you know what I mean?

        I love the poetry with the artwork. It’s wonderful.

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      2. A wonderful and personal introspection Gigi that is a unique observation that touches me deeply. I do understand this on an intellectual as well as a visceral level. It’s the finest interpretation I’ve ever received Gigi, thank you.


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