16 thoughts on “Pen scratch verse 184

  1. I hope you don’t mind that I’m putting this conversation here. I didn’t know where else to put it.

    ❤ I've been thinking about you a lot, while reading THE GAME OF LIFE, by Timothy Leary. In it he talks about the meaning of Tarot Cards, the I Ching and a couple of other things, comparing them to Periodic Table. it's about the lower elements (tied to earth) and the higher gases (toward the sky) that he believes explains our evolutionary path. I read Tarot Cards, not the way he does, that's for sure. I disagree with him about the cards but I know what he's doing and saying. He dismisses what they can do as lower earth level things but I've seen them change the lives of people, for the better. They can pretty much answer anything but the problem he has is that he believes the QUESTIONS humans ask are too low level and that's a miss use of what the cards are for, which is a secret message about the metals and gases from the past. He feels that they should never be shuffled, breaks the meaning. I think it depends on what you're using them for and we are lower level beings so our questions are a reflection of that, at times. But the cards are also for a higher purpose if you believe that. Anyway, I've been thinking about you.

    He also said isolation and some meditation can do the same thing LSD can do, as far as opening your senses to the bigger picture. And he showed how Darwin and pretty much anyone we know of, including poets, etc., were drug addicts for one reason or another. LOL

    Definitely an interesting book.

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    1. I don’t mind at all, I enjoy the interactions. By the way, if you’re comfortable, feel free to use the email address in contact on upper menu. This also works.

      I’m a big proponent of periodic solitude and isolation to assist in opening the senses to the bigger picture. I like to call it the inner workings of outward appearances. Personally I found after 7 years a “locking in” takes place, after 23 years it becomes a very natural 2nd nature. However I’ve known people who one day awareness just went “Boom” while they were steeped in civilization. The acid experience, which I’ve only experienced once, can drop you into an expanded micro realm that is quite fascinating and beneficial but I think the clarity one gains through solitude/isolation is less fleeting. There are stories of some long term (50 years) Himalayan yogis who have reached a level in the mystical abstraction where the rational mine has left them. They are incoherent similar to a few of the habitual acid users I encountered in 1967 San Francisco.

      I would concur with your assessment of reading Tarot cards and these mystical insights are beyond generic influences.
      Leary did massive amounts of acid which projected his mind into the “far realms of thought” the validity of which is left to individual interpretation, I personally find it refreshingly interesting while having no desire to pursue the process.
      I was thinking the other day how drug addicts are simply needing to brush up against “the comfort of ease.” Monks that are unfortunately slightly off mark and yet often times steeped in a profundity of rhythmic expression.

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