The Myth and Money

I usually use my iPad for my blog posts and internet browsing but came across an interesting Open Sim virtual world that required a simple viewer app. I downloaded the app for Linux but it wouldn’t open for installation.

I literally spent six days searching the internet for a solution and trying all of the app openers with their miles of terminal codes to no avail. Linux has it’s merits and is admirably a free Open Source platform but too many geeks have ruined it by creating so many variations that it’s become ridiculous to use. Linus Torvald created the operating system kernel and released it free to use in 1991. And along came the Jackals..

When I was a medical engineer I once asked my electrical engineer why there were so many circuit board revisions and updates in our electronic equipment. I’ll never forget his simple response, “The electron was never meant to be tamed.”

We have handed critical parts of our existence to the makers of myth who leave us baffled as they become billionaires. A software engineer has an average starting salary of $67,000 a year increasing to $180,00 and as high as $250,000 depending on job title. The revenue from a successful phone or computer app is $82,000 daily. The developer of a FREE Android or iOS app averages $5,000 a month. Google bought YouTube for 1.6 billion dollars in 2006, it currently generates $15 billion a year. Not bad, buy something for 1.6 billion and generate 348 billion over 14 years. Bezos started Amazon in 1994 and has a net worth of 138.5 billion, after the divorce. Good ol Jeff makes $600,000 a day.







Wilderness run.

Well I took the Jeep out for a wilderness run today.

Thought you all might enjoy a hermit ‘ride along’. A chance to get out of the house and still practice social distancing.

Where else can you live for 24 years where ‘progress’ fears to go.
That’s the BNSF train in the distance.
The reason we drive a Jeep Wrangler.
Aubrey Valley and Cliffs. God loved building Arizona.
Our nearest neighbor is…
Back home where the resident greeter is waiting.

Turning Inward-The Delicate Art of Survival.

I’ve used this blog primarily for posting my digital doodles but feel the time has come to share a few thoughts.

While we are all aware that things have changed it’s not a simple change of inconvenience, it’s a major planetary transformation. The outcome will be dramatic. While the human capacity for hiding in complacency has worked in the past we no longer have that comfort, our cherished companion of apathy has turned against us. Life takes effort. If you can take your mind off of the distractions that only we humans have the luxury to pursue you’ll find all other life forms pursuing the delicate art of survival. If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience a time when you’re existence depended on the ability to rally the mystical forces of your inner self to battle that which was attempting to kill you you’ve never truly lived. When you’ve limped through life with the battle scares of what I call ‘a great encounter’ you have an opportunity to emerge with resentment or insights into a cosmic understanding.

When I was a medical engineer I had the opportunity to know many people who possessed the mystical insights necessary for daily survival. They all had one thing in common, the ability to apply the necessary effort to accomplish what most take for granted; eating, swallowing, breathing, regulating body temperature, evacuation of bowels and bladder, pers onal hygiene and voluntary physical movement.

I find it fascinating that I’ve lived to see the day when the able bodied socially accepted will have to swim in the murky waters previously reserved for the underprivileged, physically and mentally challenged social rejected. Thus providing them the opportunity for introspection into who they are and that which truly matters.

Waking up and not being able to move because some microbes are chewing up your important wiring forces you to focus and rally the internal forces that are only available when you’re alone with the self. Social isolation is a gift if you can embrace it, solitude is the doorway to the essence of who you truly are. Not the superficial image you’re used to seeing in the social mirror.

Regardless of financial affluence if you can’t spend it to buy convenience, physical and mental comfort, welcome to the world of poverty. A world where self delusion doesn’t exist, the poor know who they are only the rich don’t. I remember my ghetto days, not being able to find work because no one hired “cripples.” Not eating for seven days until I found enough change on the streets to buy a twenty cent bean burrito at Taco Bell. Hovering over an old toaster I found in an alley dumpster to get a little heat in the winter. Surviving a deep gash in the head by going to bed for a few days rather than a hospital emergency room. Going to a local hospital and sitting in a waiting area smoking the cigarettes left in the ashtrays while waiting for the patient food trays with uneaten meals to be left in the halls unattended for the golden moments of a bums smorgasbord.  The daily trips to the public library for five hours of warmth and studying philosophy and art history. I was poor but I was free, unencumbered by social dictates other than good manners, quietly gliding through life. The elation that accompanies a looseness of spirit is unequaled.

It took me twenty years of immense effort to become a socially accepted, highly respected and affluent medical engineer. It was never really an end goal, it was an experiment. Could I emerge from the limitations of an impoverished orphan with physical disabilities and mingle in the ivory towers of the rich and successful, and then leave it behind for a life of wilderness solitude.

A wilderness hermit isn’t suffering from a ‘Lock down’ or having to ‘practice’ social distancing.

Now I’m not implying that my past experiences were a planned exercise for the worldly events of today but they were the impetus to develop a simple minimalist lifestyle for 23 years that has placed me in an advantageous position.

This is the time to realize and accept the fallacy in governments and social infrastructures, to become aware of your inner self with its remarkable strengths, to appreciate loving companionship’s, to appreciate the beautiful calms in between storms of devastation, to abandon fear and embrace serendipitous happenstance like everything in nature does knowing that it’s a part of the great immensity.

The mystical winds are sweeping across the planet, I see it as a Grand Reclamation.