The simple answer to the American homeless.

I just came across this, the solution is common sense simple. Unfortunately our federal and states governments will never enact this. There’s too much money to be made in the food commodities and housing markets to ever progress as a holistic society. American governments lack the creativity to become a truly wealthy nation.

8 thoughts on “The simple answer to the American homeless.

  1. Never going to happen in the US, because the government works for itself, not for the people. You have to CARE, in order to help people. You have to want an intelligent, well run country where everyone has access to housing, education and health care. The government uses violence to keep citizens in line, that’s why it’s so violent in this country. They use it to keep people in line, and run on false promises to stop the violence they create by not passing gun legislation, or stopping violence against women, children and animals. Until we can stop them from making money off the misery they CREAT AND ALLOW TO HAPPEN, nothing will change. Greed, power, hatred and prejudice is what America is all about. Schools teach everyone to shut up, sit down and raise your hand or you’ll get punished. So adults still do that, instead of becoming activists, or they know they will get punished, maybe even killed, because the government isn’t above that either. Look what the Orange One did to people. Skin heads were walking around in downtown Chicago with military weapons…just men, not military people. People were picked up off the street by unmarked men and put into unmarked cars. There are so many issues today that homelessness is just one more. And that is exactly what the people in charge want, so we don’t work TOGETHER on one issue, but are divided, on many.

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  2. The main reason has stated in the video to homelessness was wages and the prices of rent or buying a home. This is nothing new State local and federal governments throw money the wrong way. Yes the reason for homelessness is out and out greed by people who are not homeless. Also Mental Health comes into play and over the years inpatient care facilities have closed. Inpatient care facilities for addiction have also closed. Why? Because they’re not profitable. We need more inpatient care facilities for the mental health and addiction problems that people have. We also need to have a living wage and reasonable prices for homes and places to live whether they be bought or sold or rented. But again greed is the core. Thank you for posting this video and I may if it’s okay with you have a link to this post on my own blog site so that more people will hopefully see it.

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