8 thoughts on “New Gallery Website and Print Sales.

  1. Mike, I had no problem navigating the three pages. Wishing you success with this new website. Just two questions: (1) Is there a limit to the number of pieces you can display on the site? (2) Can you add the name, size and cost of each piece, if needed?

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    1. Great feedback and questions, thanks. Basic plan: 21 images, Pro Artist: 150, Pro Artist Plus: unlimited images. Clicking on any gallery image will bring up lmage information as well as a variety of print purchasing information set by the artist. Art prints on canvas and paper only with a nice selection of mats and frames. The prices are much cheaper than what I’d have to change using my California printing service but to be honest I doubt the quality of print and packaging is as good. We’re going to order a print from them and see. Thanks again for responding Rosaliene.❤️

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      1. NP, easy to not see the “i” on the gallery image. I agree 12×12 and I certainly will let you know. I’ve received some good feed back for the site so I’ll post more work. Thanks again my friend I appreciate your input a lot.

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