The joke that became a website.

I was just screwing around today, something I often do. I was clearing out old bookmarks on my iPhone when I came across one that I don’t ever recall using, so I clicked it. A site called ‘instant domain search’ came up with a domain search bar, being an unpretentious soul without much thought I typed in “”. Boom the domain was available for 10 bucks a year including domain registry privacy AND a website. Well for 10 bucks, who could resist. I was sporting an unkempt look today so I fit the part rather well and putting all pride aside paid my 10 dollars and am now the proud owner of the “Old man with an iPad” website. It’s a real bare bones platform, just image and writing posts period. But hey, it’s a place to have foolish fun with pics and rambling commentary that I wouldn’t bother posting here (or anywhere else for that matter). Everyone should have a place where we can practice not taking ourselves too seriously and is buried in obscurity amongst the 1.9 billion online websites.

10 thoughts on “The joke that became a website.

      1. I mean the other website name is a cool name. But this is your website do what you want. I know a lot of people get tied into a specific theme for their blog site. And if that works that works. But why force yourself to have to go to another website to post things that you like when you already have a website to post things that you want and like. Just my thoughts. You’re free to do whatever you like of course. I just think it’s kind of silly to split up who You Are to specific blog sites.

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      2. I agree 100% I got it mostly for the domain. I don’t plan on using the site, I took your advice to heart and I appreciate your wise input buddy, many thanks.


  1. Congrats on the new “Old man with an iPad” website! I understand your need to keep your art work separate from your other stuff. To connect the two, you could post a snippet here of your “pics and rambling commentary” with a “read more” link to your new website.

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    1. Thanks G. And yeah like your post on why dogs don’t need to know how to talk…Mine is saying..”OK and what are we doing this time.” I only wanted the domain name, couldn’t resist. The website is pretty useless.


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