Hermits Rest. Est: 1997

This blog is about the insights gained from wilderness living, simplicity, quietude and living on the fringe of society. It’s about embracing the belief that life is serendipitous happenstance grounded in nature, a belief that allows for the spontaneous un-folding of mystical wonderment, which we call ‘dancing with the mystery.’

I often use doodles with underlying meaning that hopefully will give you an oppertunity to explore my ambiguities because there are no certainties or definitives. We simply drift in a vast expanse of empty open evenness and there in lies the joy in being.

“In the search for certainty I stumbled over ambiguity and fell into the abyss of wide eyed unknowing emitting subterranean mumbles of color.”


I hold a Doctor of Divinity in esoteric belief systems and my wife is the wizard of wisdom and simplicity.

Bright blessings and Merry Meet Again,

Mike and Lori






5 thoughts on “About

  1. The hermit’s heart harkens to the call from home! Beautiful M. Congratulations! So happy to hear from you. ( & MASSIVE squeezes to your lovely Lady L!) -xx.Maren


      1. I do like to endlessly research and discover the blogs that aren’t always easy to find. I come across some inspiring pieces of writing, hidden away, but they are valuable, even if they are obscure.


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