Blogging is tricky.

Thanks to the wonderful responses and suggestions I’ve received since my last two posts I’ve discovered that I be a fool to stop posting here. I’ve redesigned my Squarespace site as an image gallery with prints available. It will be an interesting experiment but lacks the blog/comment interactions which all bloggers enjoy.

I will resume posting my latest work here, if my images begin disappearing again we’ll enjoy what’s here for as long as it is. I rather like the impermanence.

Untitled 173

Pen Scratch #692

I won’t abandon my friends.

While I’ve mentioned that I’m not enthused about posting images here I intend to keep my account and follow my friends posts. But I have no desire to financial support WordPress. I’m enjoying my new Squarespace website which has some great features that WordPress lacks: a designated Gallery, Blog, and Contact form for private communication. I use the gallery for more formal work that prints can be made from and having a great time posting quick loose ink drawing doodles on the blog. I’ve dropped “Bongdoogle” and refer to them as Pen Scratches” and have decided to occasionally post some of them for my loyal blogging friends.

Goodby WordPress

Yesterday I noticed that many of my images, some on recent posts, were gone. The posts are still there absent of the images, as most know images are the blog. Today I contacted WordPress support via “chat” which is the only expedient way allowed for my plan. The “Happiness Engineer” confirmed that indeed 500 images had been deleted by ME in the last month or two. I said the only images I’ve ever deleted were 115 duplicates in my media library, why would I delete images and leave the post title, likes and comments. He insisted it was me and that was that.

After 11 years of WordPress blogging I’m more amused than aggravated but for obvious reasons I’ll no longer be posting here. I’ll keep my account and visit my friends post and anyone interested can find my latest work on