Fringe Dwellers

As a rule you’ll never see them nor meet them. They aren’t among the homeless on the streets because they don’t interact with society or need to depend on it.

They live in the deep forests, jungles, mountains, remote deserts and other wilderness areas where people never go because those places are deemed inhospitable, and they are except for the fringe dwellers who’ve managed to survive where most others couldn’t. Paved roads, public utilities and services don’t exist nor are they needed or wanted. They have traded conventional living’s conveniences for time amongst nature, they are only governed by weather. No time restrictions, stress or difficult social interactions, they have merged with nature where they have become part of a mystical experience in being. Unlike Thoreau’s Walden pond they don’t do it for a year and then write a book. They quietly stay for 40 or 60 years or more because that’s what it takes to experience the magic that comes with surrendering to the mystical winds.

There are many reasons that contribute to such a lifestyle from wretched abuse, physical and mental inability to a simple desire to experience life alone absent of the restrictions that accompany the presence of others or societies dictates. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a conventional life and there’s nothing wrong with being a fringe dweller the only thing that’s never made sense is the people living conventional lives and complaining rather than taking that first step into the unknown of change.

Snakes can go anywhere they want.

Some of the animals above could kill you but always remember, they can sense your intentions. If you welcome them they’ll welcome you.

Interesting WordPress experience

Yesterday I wasn’t able to post my image due to a “not enough room” message. That happens when you have used all of your particular plans storage.

So I went to my media library and discovered 4 GB’s of storage was taken up by 513 copies of one image that I have no idea how they got there. It was a long deletion process, I went from 6.23GB’s down to 2.4GB’s on my 6 GB storage plan.

Before you upgrade for more space check your media library 😁

Tribute to Greta Thunberg

Everyone on this planet should have a deep sense of gratitude to Greta Thunberg. What a remarkable young lady who mobilized the world for climate change with a humble determination and truly brilliant strategy.

Everyone who has destroyed this planet for their own self gain should be very afraid, this is your worst nightmare the masses are in motion, led by an individual equally to Gandhi.

Words and Beliefs

Words words words echo in the wind

Then Bounce back again and again.

Beliefs are words lodged in the dangerous convictions of mind wrecking havoc on human behavior creating atrocities that pull the thread of humanity out of the fabric of being.

Such is the way of the mystical winds that scatter the once was of us.

Shattering the confines of space.

“There is a knowing,

it is not conveyed through words so it’s not perceived by mind.

A whisper, a hint of suggestion flows through a receptive heart

and the knowing is known with no explanation needed.

It’s the coming together of that which perceives and doesn’t need to know,

and that which knows and doesn’t need to perceive.

When that happen

mouthfuls are spoken through silence.”  -mcaimbeul


iPAD PRO 10.5 Tablet-Built with the potential to self destruct.

Every now and then I will use this blog to review the self-professed technological wonders that companies are producing.

Today APPLE wins the Bongdoogle Award for producing a very expensive tablet, that when IT deems you’re a thief trying to break into your own device by not getting the pass code right a few times (or even when you do) it disables itself…Permently. That’s right, a $779.00 dollar device that says “You can’t play with me anymore.” Actually it say, “iPad disabled Connect to i-Tunes.”

Not a problem, I spent $99.00 for Apple Care- Priority phone support. Which means you only have to listen to bad rap music for 15 to 20 minutes until you get a technician that knows less about the product than you do. But hey, it’s 10:30 p.m. EST and the trainees want to go home at 11 p.m. I call back the next day…three times. By now I know the words to ‘It’s 11:30 and I just want to love you.”

After trying Everything recommended for “Security Lock-out” to no avail I packed the thing up and I’m returning it under the 14 day, “If you’re not thrilled return for a refund.” Google’s Android and Microsoft’s windows give you workable options to resolve shut down issues via the device. They don’t send you to a host of websites where you have to log in to each one even though you’re already logged in to your Apple account. After signing in to iTunes, iCloud and spending hours to find the right links for a restore and wasting 2.8 GB of data and 3 hours of down load time, the process ended in “Restore failed.”

When I mentioned this to a few people, several said they had the same problem with their iPhones and tablets, with the exact restore fix results. As a retired engineer this sounds like another Apple software defect that they refuse to acknowledge, they’re notorious for this, remember the antenna issue on the iPhone?

A multi-billion dollar company that couldn’t care less that they’ve produced a very expensive product that can self-destruct under the guise of “Security for your protection” and leave you with a $800.00 paper weight.

When will this ridiculous Apple infatuation end?

When will we demand that technology companies quit selling their products before they are ready and leave it to the consumer to do their quality control for them while they become some of the wealthiest corporations the world has ever seen.

I realise there are millions of happy iPad and iPhone users but to produce a product that has the potential to rip off even just a few people is unacceptable.

I’ll stay with my $130.00 Kindle Fire HD. No pass codes or finger print scanner. You just turn it on a go to work.


Words and Image.

I just received an e-mail from wordpress, I’ve been blogging for nine years. In that period of time I’ve had about six different blogs. Some of you know how it goes. You get enthused about a subject that winds up either running out of steam or it takes a radical turn into something else and you feel compelled to start another blog.

At this point in my life I seem to be finally letting go of taking it too seriously. That began with the nonsensical name ‘bongdoogle.’ It’s completely dysunctional because it’s nondescript but that’s what I liked about it. It was fun to say and lacked meaning.

Then I fell into my old trap of academic philosophy which is okay but there are a lot better scholars and writers out there than me. So I started doing sub-par cartoons, the humor was there but the drawings were tedious and terrible. No fun.

I also found myself becoming tired of using words, I’d rather read someone else. So I let this blog wander like an untethered camel, and enjoy the freedom to express myself through words and a variety of image styles.

In my old age I’m no longer seeking a rhyme to the reason, I’m spending my time frolicking in spontaneous whimsy.

panhandling an alien


Bender Wall Banger

43 years ago when I was 25 and still a hippie artist, I lived in an old chicken coop that I converted with scrap wood and old windows into a 1200 square foot studio.

I painted in oils and carved stone.

Sometimes someone walks into your life and transforms you with one simple statement, Bender Wall Banger did just that.

As I’ve posted in the past I grew up on the streets without family, something that I now consider a gift that made me who I am. But back then I was uptight, depressed and angry, and most of my paintings reflected that mood. Dark colors, overly serious depressing subject matter. When people who had a normal middle class upbringing would comment on the dark colors and subject matter I ignored them, what did they know about life on the under belli of the beast.

Then I met Bender.

Bender had moved down from San Francisco to escape the tenderloin ghetto and try to clean-up her life in a Santa Cruz mountain cabin. She had lived on the streets since she was 13, she was an alcoholic, a junky and made her living as a hooker. A mutual friend (Diane) asked if I’d help her move.

When she came to my studio and looked at my paintings she asked why everything was so grim. I was floored. This ladies life had been even grimmer than mine, I couldn’t fall back on the old “What do you know about grim?” She forced me to see that while my life was currently very good I was stuck in the ghetto frame of mind. While I was standing in the light I hadn’t left the darkness.

The next day I built a 7 foot sculpture out of scrap wood. A colorful circus ring master with a big smile and his arms in the air. I put it by my front door and joined the circus of lightness.

My paintings became colorful humorous cartoons, in a mystical instant I left the grime behind.

A few months past and Diane stopped by and commented on the radical change in my work. I told her it was Bender’s questioning my grimness, if she could see the light there was no excuse for me not seeing it. I told Diane how Bender changed my life and would she tell her that I’d never forget it. She then informed me that Bender had shot and killed herself.

Sometimes you never get to verbally thank the people who have influenced you the most, but you can do it through actions. So I’m still painting colorful cartoons and every one of them says “Thanks, I’ll never forget you.”







Bright Blessings Bender and may we Merry Meet again.


A fear gripped world.


Fear can grip us and hold on.

Clinging to us like a bad odor.

Stifling the movement in the motion of being.

An impediment that if not removed by the shrug of experience becomes chiseled in the granite of a heavy soul.

I’ve been swamped by it while snorkeling through the mud of hesitations, that keep me book marked in the dusty pages of time.