The joke that became a website.

I was just screwing around today, something I often do. I was clearing out old bookmarks on my iPhone when I came across one that I don’t ever recall using, so I clicked it. A site called ‘instant domain search’ came up with a domain search bar, being an unpretentious soul without much thought I typed in “”. Boom the domain was available for 10 bucks a year including domain registry privacy AND a website. Well for 10 bucks, who could resist. I was sporting an unkempt look today so I fit the part rather well and putting all pride aside paid my 10 dollars and am now the proud owner of the “Old man with an iPad” website. It’s a real bare bones platform, just image and writing posts period. But hey, it’s a place to have foolish fun with pics and rambling commentary that I wouldn’t bother posting here (or anywhere else for that matter). Everyone should have a place where we can practice not taking ourselves too seriously and is buried in obscurity amongst the 1.9 billion online websites.